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Trade Expo

Trade Expo

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby invite you to represent your product/company at International Invention and Trade Expo 2024 (ITE) London.

ITE, International Invention & Trade Expo 2024 provides your business a platform to present your latest products and innovations and exchange information, companies from more than 20 countries will present their products and new trade ideas.

The international recognition gives your idea the boost it needs to find its footing in today’s fast-growing world, a professional meeting place that gathers different players from around the world. ITE - London is a window on Trade and new technologies and is therefore the link that allows business people and researchers to meet investors and potential partners to develop and materialise their project and to promote and commercialise their product.

Recognition is important in innovation to propel ideas from its infancy to mature stage, ready for commercialisation and global implementation.

The Olympia London is a space in the heart of London City - the capital of industrial and business region of the world, there are many countries attending ITE 2024 this year and the exhibition has been supported and confirmed by World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA).

Package price includes:

booth space - 6 Sq metre (3 x 2), table and chairs, name board, carpet floor, free wi-fi, 1 x 220 V socket, 2 x lights, award program participation, admission passes, 24/7 security, 2 hours meeting room use and 1 place for the awards dinner

If you need more space or individual design, please contact the ITE team or our delegate in your country, we are more than happy to help.

You can register online here